Acroyali Coporate Responsibility Strategy

Managing Corporate Responsibility
Acroyali endeavors to improve the people's life by supplying health,safety and nutritious foods.
Our Role in Society
As an integral part of the society in which we operate, Acroyali firmly believes in contributing back to the local countries and communities in which we operate.
Local community
Acroyali's activities have an impact on the societies in which we operate, and we firmly believe in the need to give back to society.
Environmental protection is a crucial part of sustainable development, Acroyali will be always acting as an environment care enterprise.
Supply Chain
Acroyali takes effort to ensure that its suppliers are also responsible corporate citizens by establishing a Social Accountability Management System.
Our Employees
Acroyali provides our employees with equal opportunities, a healthy working environment and effective labor protection.

Acroyali Jade Food Co.,Ltd is A Member of Acroyali Holdings