Fruit Filling & Topping
Fruit Filling:
Wide range of fillings that meets different quality requirements. Fillings contain whole pieces or coarsely cut pieces of fruit. the fruit's structure and its juiciness is kept intact. these fillings are bake stable,suitable for filling and decoration both of bakery and confectionery products.

Fruit Topping:
Fuit toppings with whole pieces of fruit in low viscose sauce. These toppings remain stable in freezing temperatures and are commonly used as topping for ice cream,panna cotta, pancakes and other desserts or for finishing of confectionery products.

Main Products:
Apple | Peach | Pear |Apricot |Pineapple | Cherry | Strawberry|Blueberry | Blackberry | Raspberry |Lingonberry|Blackcurrant | Gooseberry |Cranberry |Mulberry| ...

Canned Fruits
We offer a wide range of delicious fruit in cans,glass jars,pouches and portion controlled cups to suit a number of recipes and occasions. Fruits in syrup, in juice, in water, or in sweeteners, all are available on request.
Main Products:
Nata De Coco
Canned Berries
Fruit Jam  

Ready to consume single fruit jams with high fruit content and without preservatives. These
conventional jams have a jelly-like structure and can be spread on bread or croissant easily.
They are used for breakfast, snacks or for decoration and filling of confectionary products.

New: sweetened with stevia or sucralose, 100% fruit only sweetened with fruit juice, no added sugar products available

Main Product:
Fruit Jam Berries Jam Triple Fruit Jam

Peach Jam
Apricot Jam
Apple Jam
Cherry Jam
Fig Jam
Orange Jam

Strawberry Jam
Blueberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
Blackcurrant Jam
Mixed Berries Jam

Peanut Butter
Use the best peanut in Qingdao,Shandong. to guarantee the taste and food safety.high oleic peanut butter available.
Packed in PET Jars, Glass jars, Pouch, pail ,etc on buyer's option.
Canned Peanut
Use the best peanut in Qingdao,Shandong. to guarantee the taste and food safety.
Roasted & Salted peanuts with spicy
Braised Peanut
Roasted & Salted Peanuts with honey
Peanut Soup
Canned Vegetable
Pick the raw materials near our factory, packed with flavour and taste, few ingredients top vegetables as a menu essential. Delicious on their own, or as a versatile ingredient vegetables.We use the most advanced retorts to produce.

Green Asparagus


Sweet Corn

White Asparagus

Mixed Vegetables


Pepper (Jalapeno)

Whole Peeled Tomato


Tomato Paste

Tomato Ketchup


Sweet Potato Taro Carrot
Canned Beans
We produce beans in both brine and in syrup , we have products in syrup, Asian style.
Adzuki Bean Green Mung Bean Green Peas

Red Kidney Bean

White Kidney bean

Bean Sprouts
Speckled kidney bean Black Kidney Bean Chick Peas
Baked Bean Mixed Beans Black Eye Bean
Canned Seafood



Oyster / Mussel

Canned Meat
Pork Luncheon Meat Chicken Luncheon Meat Beef Luncheon Meat
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