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Good brand is the reliable base for customers and also a sharp tool to promote corporate competition. Besides producing canned foods for famous international brands, Acroyali Holdings insisted on creating products of private brand. For several years, we have presented many featured products of private brand in the field of canned fruits and vegetable, which were sold world-wide.

Since establishment, Acroyali Holdings has fully understood the value of trademark to the corporate management. Therefore, we first promoted Acroyali corporate trademark in 2000 and launched Corporate Identity System (CIS) in 2001. In 2006 we upgraded and gained better corporate images of sustainable development. As time goes by, with the image of united service, Acroyali Holdings is committed to keep our promise with customers and build a customer-reliable and identified brand.

Acroyali Jade Food Co.,Ltd is A Member of Acroyali Holdings